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Yonex Nanogy NBG-99 JP (each)
[NBG-99 JP]
by Mark Appleton Date Added: Friday 27 April, 2012
N95/N99 head-to-head - same "family", same thickness. It was begging to be tested against its elder brother!

Both 27/30 lb on identically specced rackets – as close to scientific as is possible…

Power – strange one, this. I eventually decided that N95 had a higher power limit, but N99 offered more of its power more of the time; my most powerful shots came off the 95, but only with near-maximum effort, while 99 was easier to tap. Also, the 99’s power was available immediately, while the 95 had to be beaten in somewhat.

Control – 99, hands down. 95 was never good at this, especially when new; the 99 coating really narrows the margins, particularly when slicing and/or at the net. The 99 serves better as well.

Feel – again, no way the fresh 95 was going to win. The 99 sang to my hand with pretty much every shot, including my staple midcourt blocks and pushes; 95 seemed muted by comparison. In fact, it's one of the deadest strings I've tried.

Sound – the difference was completely in line with the above; 99 had a high and tight "ping" against 95’s bassy and looser "thud".

Tension holding – and here the 99 betrays its Nanogy parentage: it falls off roughly in line with the others going by sound (but played reasonably consistently across the sessions, oddly). 99 needed some serious pulling to get the slack out, so this isn’t unexpected.

Stringing – given the choice, I’d take 99. 95 weaves a lot easier, but kinks up horribly at the slightest provocation, and I was sure my bottom three or four crosses had gone through at least one full twist before being pulled.

[I’ve omitted durability because I never break strings – I’ll leave this to others]

Had I been handed this string as an unlabelled prototype, “Nanogy” would have been my last thought. It doesn’t play much like the other Nanogies – it’s crisper, sharper, and more communicative (which, for a control/feel player like me, is more important than any priapic “power” considerations). Sadly, the improvements come at a (currently) high price, and I’m not particularly string-hungry in spite of my high tension and use of plastics.

A solid four out of five.

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]
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